Clean, Simple, and Colorful Techniques




Have you always wanted to be good at playing with colors? All those choices of colors! Not sure how to use them to your advantage? Then this class is PERFECT for you! Jump into a world of fun colors and learn how you can use them with just few simple ways. You will be able to make fun, colorful cards in no time.

We are so excited to have Laura Bassen as our leading instructor for this fun class! Laura will show you different ways that you can add fun colors to your projects. With just few tips, you will feel comfortable playing with many color choices and get the most use out of them. We cannot wait to see you in the class!

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This class features:

    • 6 in-depth, step by step video tutorials
    • Various techniques to add colors to your projects and make them fun and exciting!
    • Inspiration filled high-quality project photos
    • Daily product giveaways
    • Student gallery page with fresh inspirations from other students taking the class!


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